Find a Muscle Inflammation Care Plan That Works for You in the Western NY area

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Have you been struggling with back and/or neck pain for years? Don't suffer any longer. Get nerve pain care from VKP Medical. We have office locations in Williamsville and Hamburg, NY, and we serve patients from Rochester as well as Canada. When you stop by our office, we'll perform a comprehensive exam to assess your needs and diagnose the issue. Whether you need muscle inflammation care or joint care, you can be sure we'll help you find relief.

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We understand that your pain could be caused by a variety of issues. No matter what the root cause may be, you can rest assured we'll help you find relief. Our staff can provide:

  • Nerve pain care
  • Muscle inflammation care
  • Spine and joint pain care
  • Postoperative rehabilitation care
  • Repetitive use/ injury care
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