About Us


About Us

Get to Know VKP Medical

VKP Medical is the medical practice of Dr. Vikas K. Pilly offering a wide range of treatments for injuries, and conditions affecting the back, neck, joints, and some extremities. With a prime location in Williamsville, NY with two other locations in Hamburg and Rochester NY. VKP Medical is an ideal first stop for those suffering from spine and joint pain or who have suffered a motor vehicle or workplace accident in Western New York.

Dr. Vikas K. Pilly who is the CEO and Medical Director of VKP Medical and he will get to know you as an individual prior to making any major diagnoses and treatment decisions. He will conduct a thorough physical examination to determine the source of your pain and then work to create a customized care plan that will put you on the road to recovery and healing.

Meet Vikas K. Pilly, M.D.

A trusted, double board-certified pain physician caring for your community

VKP Medical takes your pain personally.

Whether you were injured in a car accident, work accident, have a sports injury, or natural wear and tear from repetitive motion or aging, our team is equipped to handle all of these situations and will work together to design a care plan that will help improve your quality of life. Dr. Pilly is double board-certified in both Pain Management and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Relieving Pain, Restoring Function

Pain and injury relief to get you moving and feeling better faster